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TTI - Lone Worker

Developer: CGA Technology
7.79 usd

TTI – Lone Worker is a lone worker alarm and protection Android app for lone workers. The application:• checks for user feedback at configurable interval (Man Death detection),• monitors the loss of verticality using a configurable linear interpolation algorithm with eleven positions (reducing false positives in heuristic mode),• monitors the loss or verticality using a basic angle detection method,• detects the loss of movements.
The interaction with the user is made either by beeps, vibrations or TTS. It is possible to choose that the application replies to long and / or short clicks on the buttons.
When the loss of verticality or loss of movement is detected or that the service’s time is up, the user has a configurable period to confirm his presence. If confirmation is not made, TTI sends a SMS to up to one or two mobile and / or an E-mail to any number of recipients. It specifies the location of the terminal. It can call one fixed phone number too.
The location is obtained by GPS, if the GPS is active and got the coordinates within two minutes. Otherwise, the location is made by GSM’s triangulation. TTI indicates the origin of the data location. If the GSM location could not be obtained, TTI addresses an alert without localization.In times of alarm, all incoming call is picked up automatically. In hands-free mode (amp on) or not. The ringing can also be disabled with a parameter.
If an alert was triggered but the user could then confirm its presence, TTI sends an SMS to indicate this.At the end of operation, TTI can send a report via SMS to up to two mobiles (or an E-mail to any recipients). This report includes the date and time of start and end. It also indicates whether an alarm occurred during the service.TTI can be started manually or automatically using the built-in scheduler.